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Pimp Your Place Cards

Not all place cards are created equally!

"What makes a place card stand out?", you might ask. It should be memorable, unique, and most of all, legible. Your guests should be able to see their names clearly and appreciate the small details. For instance, this set of bird place cards was for a fun dinner. Turning quirky watercolour blobs into cute birds was a nice was to make them stand out. And of course, the #calligraphy made them even more beautiful.

Another example of using #watercolour on place cards is with the drinks menu below. You can make a theme for a #smalldinner at home or a big event. As you can see, the menu and the name cards matched the came colour theme for the evening.

If you'd like more information on how to make your own place cards at home, drop a comment below :D

Stay awesome!

Sumbo xx

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